My name is Simone, 27yo from Italy.

I graduated in Computer Science in 2019 and since then I work 9-17.

In my spare time I tinker with Arduino boards, but since the announcement of Tensorflow for Microcontrollers it became a personal matter to demostrate that alternatives to Neural Networks are possible.

This is how this blog born: I'm documenting and divulgating my personal achievements and findings for leaner, faster and more-approachable alternatives to neural networks.

I'm not a guru of neither IT nor ML, but I'm getting experienced along the path. At the moment, I mostly port other people's code to plain C, so you can embed it on any device, without any hardware-specific requirements.

Sometimes I also talk about Computer vision on Esp32, since I like the topic.

If you want to reach me, you have two options:

  1. comment on the post you want to discuss about (if it pertains a blog post)
  2. email me at eloquentarduino at GMail
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